The Game Design workshop

The Game Design course was designed to unravel the technics of engaging users through game mechanics. You will learn the hands-on fundamentals of building immersive experiences and gameful interactive systems. You will learn how to identify the underlying systems of everyday actions, providing you with a framework for creating games and gameful apps.

Who is this course for?
Game designers, UX and product designers, app developers, and anyone who wish to understand how games work.

Is this relevant for people who design non-game interactive systems?
UX and product designers should be well versed in various disciplines to create meaningful experiences and the gaming world provides great tools and inspiration for creating them.
Understanding how games work and how they engage players in action and imagination would come in handy when designing interactive systems.

You will learn

  • The building blocks of every game
  • How to create effective feedback loops
  • How to construct game rules
  • Player’s psychology, what makes players keep on playing
  • How do virtual economies work
  • How to apply this knowledge to create engaging non-game products

The format

The course is compromised of 15 decks, 7-10 minutes read each, which you’ll have unlimited access to after enrolling.